Dreamtrails  the ultimate combination of nature and coaching

I believe in the power of nature for every IMG_1541coaching session. I see nature as the biggest mirror for our existence and an infinite source of inspiration. Nature offers the ideal circumstances to look at yourself with a magnifying glass. Nature is. Nature always finds an answer to any challenge. All the answers lie within, and so does the power to overcome the challenges in a creative way. Nature’s dreams come true every day. We only have to open ourselves to this wondrous world and recognize the lessons for our own lives. In the Dreamtrails we connect to this powerful mirror and use it to free your deepest desires shed light on the darkest places. There are no excuses. There is no distraction by daily stimuli. While on a trail, you have to go on, until you come back to the world with a concrete plan. On a Dreamtrail, the creative part of the brain is being activated more intensely. The insights during a Dreamtrail usually resonate on a deeper level and relate to multiple aspects of your life. This makes follow up action more likely. In sum: Dreamtrails are a great high-pressure cooker for the development of personal leadership!

You can find more information on the different Dreamtrails here.

Individual coaching sessions 

DSC02642Normal individual coaching sessions differ from Dreamtrails in the sense that they are to the point sessions on one single objective and ‘take away’ per session. Unlike the Dreamtrails, the imaginative surrounding to stimulate the creative part of the brain is not a given and will be enticed differently. Individual sessions are (also) very useful to work on your objectives, and are the preferred modus operandi when they form part of a bigger in-company project. Individual sessions can take place at my (home) office, or at your desired location (an extra fee for travel costs may be charged). They can also also take place via Skype or by phone. Coaching sessions normally last 1-1,5 hour. A series of shorter sessions by phone is also an option. Read more about my approach and offer here.


Dreamtree Coaching believes that sustainable growth on an organizational level can only be achieved through personal growth and leadership. Personal growth can only be 1204071580Salarachieved by being connected to oneself. And being connected to oneself facilitates being connected to other persons and colleagues.  A team can only operate optimally when all team members can demonstrate personal leadership: they are exactly where they want to be, are in tune with themselves, operate from their core values, and inner truth and in alignment with their dreams or objectives, and can make maximum use of their talents. To facilitate this personal growth we offer Teamtrails. 2-3 days in nature with your team. Teamtrails are tailor made projects. Please contact me for more information on the possibilities.

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