Why Dreamtree Coaching?

Dreamtree 2Dreamtree Coaching offers life-coaching and personal leadership development to executives and professionals in business and government as well as management teams. Dreamtree Coaching specifically focuses on clients working for or with culturally diverse companies, organizations, and management teams expats and culturally diverse management teams. Dreamtree Coaching also offers some similar leadership services to young adults and is developing a program for conflict resolution through coaching.

Dreamtree Coaching believes that every person harbors a natural leader. Every person is capable of materializing his or her mission, dreams, wishes or goals, by identifying the options, making choices and take the required action towards realization of that goal. Everyone can design his/her own future. By demonstrating your own personal leadership in one area, you will also be able to initiate changes in other areas of life. You will be leading by example and inspire colleagues, friends and family on your way.

It takes courage to take new steps, break through old and rusty patterns and achieve your goals, especially when you find yourself in very traditional organizations or very unfamiliar surroundings such as a foreign country. The mission of Dreamtree Coaching is to help you find the key for your personal leadership by:

  • Helping you to enlarge your awareness of ‘the the gatepresent’
  • Connecting you to your personal compass and power
  • Helping you overcome barriers and (internal) conflicts
  • Encourage you to take the necessary steps to realize your goals, dreams or mission.
  • Learn how to inspire others to do the same

What makes Dreamtree Coaching special is the fact that I choose nature as a mirror and source of inspiration. The specially developed Dreamtrails offer you a powerful and challenging environment to work on and with yourself. And as a side-effect, you may discover various beautiful areas in this country or abroad.

Are you interested in the possibilities? Read more about my approach and offer or contact me directly for more information and a free intake conversation without any further obligations.

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