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RAWMENTRAIL AUSTRIAN ALPS  26  – 30 September 2019

“During my RAW MEN TRAIL I stepped out of my comfort zone. Both mentally and physically.”

Do you need time for yourself? A few days to unplug from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and to enjoy the pure beauty and power of the mountains? Do you want to feel the freedom to follow your heart and make choices that feel good to you? And to feel that you are alive again? Do you want to experience an adventure that enriches you both inside and out? Then sign up for the RAWMENTRAIL to Austria in the autumn of 2018.

The RAWMENTRAIL is a trip with a maximum of 8 other men and with yourself. ‘Through the mountains’ in a way that you shape yourself with the elements to bring the man in yourself to the surface. A few days back to basics, taking care of fire and food and enjoying the starry sky. In addition to beautiful walks and overnight stays in a beautiful spot in nature, you can spend a night in Nature on Vision Quest, experiencing the boundaries of your comfort zone. RAWMENTRAIL is also about to slow down. Coming home to yourself. In company with other men. And so rich and filled with impressions to return home.

We travel to Austria in the early autumn, when nature is beautiful, but also unpredictable. Do we have a late summer, a beautiful autumn or do we experience the first winter days? In the mountains it is all possible and the first editions have shown that 4 seasons in a week earlier is the rule than the exception. That unpredictability makes this trail RAW in advance.

“Great, raw experience. Ultimate journey to be challenged in pushing your limits”

What you get:

  • * 4 days exclusively for you, to find peace, to come to yourself or to find inspiration.
  • * 4 days of enjoying the Austrian mountains in the area of Dorfgastein.
  • * 4 days enjoying the comfort of a roof over your head in a real Austrian mountain hut at 1300 meters, but otherwise basic: make your own fire, prepare food and be unplugged: no phones, no internet, no cameras.
  • 4 days simple but nutritious food that we prepare together.
  • 4 days on the road with max 8 other inspiring men.
  • Optional: a night’s sleep under the stars on your own spot in the mountains.
  • Camaraderie.
  • Insights and an unforgettable experience with yourself in the middle of nature.

Everyone travels to Dorfgastein in Austria on their own (or carpool) on 25 or 26 September. The official program starts on Thursday 26 September at 13.00 and ends on Monday 1 October after breakfast. You can travel back and forth by car but also by plane (Salzburg / Innsbruck) and by (night) train.

Investment: € 485,- all-in (excl. travel costs and possible overnight stay on Sept 25/26).

Feel like joining?  Sign up here immediately!

Do you want to know more about RAWMENTRAIL SPRING 2020 or do you want to know more about FALL 2020? Contact Harmen or Remco via:

  • harmen@dreamtreecoaching.nl 06-24938203
  • remco@deinspiratiekamer.nl 06-52637762

This RAWMENTRAIL is organized by Dreamtree coaching together with De Inspiratie Kamer

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