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Harmen van Dijk


I believe that in life we have countless opportunities to grow and realize our life purpose. I believe that everything is possible and everyone can have everything he or she really wants and you can remove all the barriers in yourself. I believe that when you open your eyes, you listen to yourself and allow yourself to experience what moves you deep inside, you are able to move mountains and make your dreams come true. I believe that your future has already started and that your next step is clear. Why? Because I experienced it myself. And I know many others who do the same and inspire many others.

‘If I can make my dream come true, you can do it too!’

Already when I was a young boy, it was my dream to live and work abroad together with my family and to connect people, companies and countries with different cultures. I became a diplomat and worked for 13 consecutive years in The Hague, La Paz (Bolivia) and Berlin.

In 2013 I realized that I had sufficienty lived my dream and it was time for a next step and a new dream. I wanted to spend more time and attention on my family and growing daughters, become an entrepreneur, tap into my creativity and focus on personal leadership and empowerment. I took a ‘sabbatical year’, quit my job, followed an intensive coaching training, set up Dreamtree Coaching and started a new adventure in my own country. Ever since I have coached many people individually, I have travelled into the mountains with teams and trained new coaches.

Nature is my passion. I am at my best when I am outdoors. I love big and compelling landscapes as well as small and subtle natural areas. From the rugged mountains in Albania to the rugged, wide ocean around Vancouver Island. From the Sonse Heide to the Dutch dunes. My body enjoys the physical effort, my heart lights up when I see a buzzard or deer and my mind is aware of the eternal cycle of growth and being reborn. I intensely enjoy being with (a group of) people in nature for a Dreamtrail or an off site teambuilding. Letting the process work and relying on a breakthrough is the most challenging step I have taken so far. I work on myself every day. I try to be aware of all the gifts and lessons on my path every day and take the next step closer to myself, closer to my dreams. I want you too!

‘It is my goal to bring people into contact with their inner compass and to help them realize their dreams.’

I do this by listening carefully and with respect, asking powerful questions and helping you to see that you have the strength to do what you want to do. It gives me a lot of energy to see people and teams succeed in achieving their mission, dream or goal. As a coach I mainly work with executives and professionals who want to develop and show personal leadership in a hectic environment or turbulent period. In addition, I share my knowledge and experience as a diplomat and person with everyone who can and wants to use it.

Others about Harmen:

‘Harmen is warm, inspires confidence, offers security, is 100% for you, dares to follow feeling and ask difficult questions – top!’ Eugene Scholten, CEO Kennemer Vis Group

As a coach, trainer and facilitator, I was trained by the MMS Institute in Amsterdam and certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). I am also a certified Human Potential Coach.


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